For a holiday inspired on total relax in a lovely and uncontaminated place, where crystal clear sea waters and sparkling white endless beaches rule, where the hot African sun warms up the body but first and foremost the soul… where the relations with locals are blended with a human touch we no longer know of.

Losing oneself in the boundless Kenyan natural parks where you’ll be deeply fascinated by vividly red-colored soil, where the savannah and its plentiful woodland grasslands, isolated trees are home to a variety of animals which get to be gradually “discovered” like precious stones during the typical safari game drives …

Close encounters with elephants, zebras, antelopes, wildebeests, crocodiles, lions, leopards deliver unique and speechless emotions… seeing animals in their natural environment is just like going back to our origins, in a world that is now lost and forgotten to us. This is what our “longing for Africa” is about…


And Africa is indeed the “place of our origins”: Rift Valley is the cradle of human kind!! The Rift Valley, that is the continental fault ranging across the African continent, is the place where fossils of the most ancient hominids where recovered… the missing link between monkey and homo sapiens.


A truly moving and emotionally profound experience is a visit to a Masaai village: that’s where our “senses” are re-awakened; smells, colors, voices, singing and dancing wrap us around in an emotionally-charged African hug!!



Kenya Photogallery

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